To me, Gentilly is like Lakeview’s little sister. Like Lakeview, it sits on the southern banks of Lake Pontchartrain, and it also has a cozy neighborhood feel. The neighbors all look out for each other, and the homes are kept up relatively well. However, the property values are much more affordable here than they are in Lakeview. You are close to City Park and only a quick shot down Elysian Fields to get to the French Quarter.

It is a good place for young couples who are just starting out and for the young investor who doesn’t have much capital but wants to start a real estate portfolio. The young couple may not have the capital to buy in Uptown, MidCity, or Lakeview, but they may not be ready for the quiet, secluded suburban life either. This is where Gentilly comes into play as a good option for this couple. There are also several modest doubles here that would be good for the young investor to buy, get his feet wet, and get that steady cash flow going.

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