When I think of Lakeview, I think of “living in the suburbs without living in the suburbs.” I grew up in Lakeview, and it is the perfect place to raise a family. The crime here is really low, and it has the comfy feel of suburbia. But, its closeness to the city is what makes living here so appealing. You are able to get the best of both worlds with the safety and quiet of the suburbs on one hand, and the charm of the city on the other. The highlights of living in Lakeview involve its proximity to City Park and Lake Pontchartrain. I love taking a drive down Lakeshore Drive while looking out onto the water.
There is also very little traffic in any part of Lakeview. This is true at any time of the day and is a big selling point for anyone with road rage. In my opinion, Lakeview is most suited for the retiree or the young couple with more than a modest income who is looking to raise a family. It has always maintained its high property values, even in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. There are a few rental properties here, but not many.
Things to consider when buying in Lakeview are street flooding and the streets themselves. When it comes to rising water, the good news is that much of Lakeview was recently reclassified as an X flood zone (that’s the best, lowest cost). However, over 80% of Lakeview did flood during Hurricane Katrina, and some streets experience significant flooding during a heavy rain. If you decide to pursue a house here, I advise that you drive by during a rainstorm. The potholes were enough for my father to move us to Metairie, haha! It’s no secret that Lakeview has potholes large enough to set up camp. It’s an old city below sea-level, so it’s to be expected. But, if you go joyriding in Lakeview, proceed with caution.

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